Carpet cleaning

Carpets accumulate all sorts of dirt, dust and grit deep within the carpet fibres which over time can build up and attach to the carpet fibres along with mites and bacteria.

This soiling causes the carpet to become unhygienic, dirty looking and smelly, which can affect indoor air quality and can reduce the lifespan of the carpet by causing wear and tear on it.

Incorrectly cleaning your carpets yourself, or not cleaning them at all, will reduce their lifespan and as carpets can be very expensive and can harbour bacteria and mites, using a professional carpet cleaning service is essential.

As well as regularly vacuuming your carpets you should regularly have your carpets professionally cleaned to remove deep soiling within them, keeping them hygienically clean, smelling fresh, looking good and lasting for longer whilst improving indoor air quality to create a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.

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